The CSPP has a menu of presentations that address suicide and substance use in the construction industry. These presentations are all engaging, informative, and customizable to your group. If your company, organization, or event planning team is interested in having one of these presentations, you can contact Anna Klein at

Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Training

CSPP Presentations

Other Training

There are many mental health and suicide prevention trainings that exist. Knowing the options available can make it easier to pick what is the best fit for your company. Here are a few types of trainings with links to learn more. You can find more information on choosing a training program in our Action Guide.

Mental Health First Aid: MHFA teaches how to respond to someone when they are exhibiting early, worsening, and crisis signs of a mental health challenge. CSPP can offer this training to organizations and companies. Please contact Anna Klein at for more information.

safeTALK: At a LivingWorks safeTALK workshop, you’ll learn how to prevent suicide by recognizing signs, engaging someone, and connecting them to an intervention resource for further support.

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM): CALM covers how to identify people who could benefit from lethal means counseling, ask about their access to lethal methods, and work with them—and their families—to reduce access.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST): At a LivingWorks ASIST workshop, you’ll learn how to prevent suicide by recognizing signs, providing a skilled intervention, and developing a safety plan to keep someone alive.

ForeFront LEARN: LEARN is a free, self-guided, online course designed specifically for the construction industry.