We need a new way to think about alcohol.

The CSPP and Rethink the Drink have teamed up to create tools to start conversations about coming together as a broader community to address this complex issue. Rethink the Drink is a brand created by the Oregon Health Authority that aims to change the conversation about excessive alcohol drinking and how it harms communities in Oregon. Our relationship with alcohol is complicated, especially in the construction trades.

Excessive drinking imposes heavy costs on all of us whether we drink or not – from children and families to businesses and communities. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported that over 20% of deaths by suicide involved alcohol intoxication. Binge drinking is associated with several other health problems, including alcohol use disorder, chronic diseases like high blood pressure and stroke, and unintentional injuries such as car crashes.

The construction workforce is not immune to the harms associated with alcohol misuse. In 2021, the CDC highlighted the impact excessive alcohol use is having on the construction industry.  In a 2020 study of binge drinking by occupation, construction and extraction workers had the highest rate of binge drinking.

Below are some tools to begin this critical conversation.

Five Ways to Rethink the Drink

1. Download Our Toolkit!

This communication toolkit is designed to help construction companies and their employees come together to discuss this complex issue. It includes resources to help you talk with employees about excessive alcohol use and suicide prevention support, such as 988. This tool kit can help you share information with employees and help your organization understand more about excessive alcohol use and its connection to suicide in the construction industry. Feel free to pick and choose which materials make the most sense for your company or group.

Click the Icon to Download the toolkit

2. Share Your Story

CSPP is starting new conversations throughout the Construction Industry about suicide and substance use. These stories are profound and powerful.

Your story is critical. It can help others see they are not alone and support them in their journey. 

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3. Communicate The Message!

This brochure includes facts about excessive alcohol use and the construction community. It also shares some of the health harms caused by binge and heavy drinking. It provides some suggested tips for employees or members who are interested in drinking less, as well as resources for support. Click on the Icons to Download the materials.

Program Brochure

Below are CSPP and Rethink the Drink visuals. These visuals are designed to enhance communications about excessive alcohol use when speaking with your team. You can pick and choose what visuals make the most sense for the way you are trying to reach them.

Hardhat Stickers

4. Use your social media platforms

Below are pre-drafted social media posts, including some in Spanish, that you could consider posting on your company’s or your organization’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. Each social media image can be paired with suggested text from our toolkit. Feel free to edit the copy and use the visuals that make the most sense for you and your organization. For instance, if you have an upcoming health and safety training you’re trying to promote that includes excessive alcohol use as a topic, you could also include details about how to attend the training.

Spanish Materials

5. Contact Us For Training!

The CSPP has developed a construction-specific alcohol presentation, Rethinking Alcohol, to raise awareness about our Rethink the Drink Materials. It is an engaging way to get the conversation about the role alcohol plays in our lives going. Rethinking Alcohol includes relevant statistics, health impacts, and information on how to support someone who is reducing their alcohol consumption. If you are interested in having this training for your team or event, please contact Max Margolis at MaxM@linesforlife.org.

Check out other training opportunities that CSPP has to offer here.