About Us

In response to the staggering rate of suicide deaths among construction industry workers, Lines For Life, a statewide non-profit dedicated to substance abuse and suicide prevention, partnered with the construction industry to form the Construction Suicide Prevention Project (CSPP).

The CSPP represents large and small construction companies, subcontractors, building trades, unions, safety specialists, OSHA, SAIF, and healthcare partners. We strive for a job-site culture where mental health conversations are as routine as safety updates and the morning stretch and flex.

Our mission: To develop and implement a unified strategy for reducing suicide and promoting mental well-being in the construction industry.

With this mission, CSPP aims to become a vital resource to help the construction industry lower suicide rates and improve mental health among construction workers. We envision a construction culture of mental wellness that matches our tenacious commitment to physical safety.

Today, the construction industry loses more workers to suicide than workplace accidents.  The construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicide among any other industry in our country. We are committed to changing this dynamic. The CSPP works with the construction community to overcome the stigma associated with construction workers reaching out for help. By promoting positive mental health messages, sharing practical tools to help the construction community create and sustain prevention efforts, and providing connections with effective prevention and intervention resources, the CSPP is helping save lives.

“Our purpose is to prevent suicide. We know that many people, from all walks of life, think about suicide. But we also know that for every person who dies by suicide, there are 280 people who think seriously about it but don’t act on it – folks who find a way forward, who see hope – who say Not Today. Those who have found in that very moment, buried deep, one last ounce of resilience and possibility. This is the space where our hope lives. This is our moment. Our most important action. To create a space for life. To pour light onto a new path. Let’s restore belief. Refocus what is. Recover a flame of self-worth that warms a fragile existence. Together, let’s prepare a tomorrow that welcomes a fellow human being to arrive as perfect as they are.”


CSPP Members

CSPP Members by Max Margolis