Simple Preparation Saves Lives

This blog post was submitted by one of our CSPP members

While it may seem insignificant, something as simple as having the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline saved in your contacts can save a life. It certainly helped save the life of my close friend. 

Recently, a friend and I were working together to help our close friend, “Joe”(this is a pseudonym), through some tough times. Joe was struggling and having suicidal thoughts. We managed to get Joe to talk openly about his thoughts, and he even disclosed his plans of suicide. 

After Joe opened up, my friend called me for more advice and guidance on how to support Joe through this tough time. The first thing I did was have my friend put the Suicide Prevention Lifeline into his favorite contacts. 

A couple of days later, Joe called my friend after an evening of drinking at the bar. Joe again expressed his suicidal thoughts and intentions of carrying out his suicide, then quickly hung up. My friend immediately called the crisis line for help. The call taker listened to my friend, assessed the situation, and activated a response.  

My friend was asked to hold the line, while they attempted to connect with Joe. They let my friend know that being on hold meant that they were connected and talking with Joe. My friend held the line for over an hour.  

My friend was relieved when the hotline representative returned and briefed him on the conversation with Joe. The situation was de-escalated and Joe was safe. A short time later, Joe turned his firearm over to my friend. 

Today Joe is in a much better space, reconnected with friends, and most importantly, he is here with us thanks to the support from some friends and quick action from the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

Add the SUICIDE LIFELINE to your contacts!
Call 800-273-8255 (24/7/365)