We have established a three-prong strategy to become a vital suicide prevention resource for the construction industry. We are committed to reducing suicides and promoting mental well-being in the construction industry. Our whole program philosophy and strategic plan are available here. 

Below is a synopsis of our three committees and links to our deliverables.

1. Education and Training

We believe suicide prevention should be embedded into apprenticeship programs, routine onboarding, and ongoing safety programs. By fully integrating suicide prevention into existing construction employment education and training programs we can effectively engage with our diverse workforce. Our deliverables include:

2. Finance and Governance

Establish a sustainable financial model for CSPP, including donations, fundraising, membership, cost recovery for services, materials, and State partnership funding.

3. Outreach and Engagement

Focused on expanding participation from the construction industry. The goal is to broaden CSPPs’ engagement strategy with efficient communication through c-suite and labor leaders and build public engagement.