Four Suicide Prevention Month Highlights

1. Ironworker 29 Visit

Last month, CSPP had a productive and fun month. We started the month as guests on the Iron Bridging The Iron podcast with Ironworkers Local 29. We had an engaging and comprehensive conversation with their Business Agent/Organizer, Paul Diaz, and their Political Coordinator, Lorne Bulling. After our interview, we got a chance to talk with two apprentice classrooms and tour their training facility.

Their approach to developing a safe and successful workforce includes a focus on suicide and substance abuse prevention. Ironworkers Local 29 provides training and opportunities for their apprentices to learn new skills and improve their lives. A prime example of their success, featured in the Oregonian, is the story of Minna Long, who completed the apprentice program this spring.

Thank you to Paul and Lorne for sharing their platform and giving us a tour of Ironworker’s Local 29 facility! You can listen to the podcast here.

Lorne Bulling, Max Margolis, and Paul Diaz

2. CSPP Reconnection Lunch

On September 14, CSPP had a Reconnection Lunch at the Portland Northwest Carpenters Institute (PNCI). This was the first CSPP in-person event since the pandemic. We shared highlights from the past year, discussed the challenges that remain, and enjoyed being together in real life. I forgot to take a group picture, but here is a picture of Mike Hawes, PNCI’s Executive Director, sharing PNCI’s core values with CSPP members before leading us on a tour of the apprentice training facility. Thank you Mike for providing us with a space to reconnect.

Mike Hawes Talking with CSPP

3. CSPP Suicide Prevention Outreach

We had the chance to speak to three different work groups at HITT’s Construction Site in Hillsboro. After our suicide prevention toolbox talk, we shared flyers, distributed hardhat stickers, connected with individuals, and, as is customary, did the morning stretch and flex.

After our third presentation, a foreman for the excavation group on-site spoke passionately about the need for self-care and sustaining family connections. He shared that four of his friend died by suicide. He implored his crew to prioritize family and self-care and to take time off to reconnect with their friends and families.

Max Margolis, CSPP Project Coordinator, Presenting.
Crew Getting Resources
Anna Klein, AmeriCorp Member, enjoying the post-presentation sunrise

4. Podcast Release & Upgrade

As part of Suicide Prevention Month, we released the pilot season of our Boom Goes The Stigma Podcast. Last month, we had over 300 episodes downloaded!

For our next season, we have upgraded our production. We are working with the Studio to record and edit our podcasts. This will improve sound quality and connections with our guests. For this season, we will augment our suicide prevention discussions with conversations around the construction industry’s response to the opioid pandemic.

In November, we will be releasing episodes bi-weekly with a focus on mental health and opioids. We are excited to keep expanding the conversation.

Anna Mic recording opening.
Podcast Promotion Flyer