The Latest Buzz!

Happy June, CSPP Community!

With the arrival of the Summer Sun, I wanted to take a moment to shine some light on what CSPP has been doing! We’ve been busy bees, but I wanted to share some buzzworthy highlights.

In May, Max was a panelist alongside Kristina Ewing (Andersen Construction), Haley Hughes(PartnerWell Practice Leader | The Partners Group), and Tammy Lupenski (Hoffman) at OTAK on a discussion of mental health and suicide prevention resources. The conversation was engaging, impactful, and wide-ranging. Thank you to Alex Cettie, Alyssa Guzman, and the whole OTAK team, who did a great job organizing and facilitating the event. We appreciate being a participant in this essential discussion.

CSPP continues to get requests for the “Rethink the Drink” presentation. We just completed a series of presentations with R&H construction at four different sites. Across their corporate offices and sites, their teams were engaged and curious about the topic, openly discussing the consequences of alcohol use in the construction industry and its impact on their work and relationships.

Understanding the connection between alcohol misuse and suicide is crucial, as construction workers have the highest rates of excessive drinking and face a higher risk of suicide compared to the general public. Many workers and office staff were unaware of the available resources, which exacerbated their struggles. We appreciate RH Construction for providing a connection with their community as we strive to improve lives and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in the construction community.

Alongside our ongoing QPR training and early morning toolbox talks, we started filming the CSPP video toolbox series. This week, we filmed three video toolbox talks. These videos aim to provide a more dynamic, authentic, and accessible way for workers to learn simple tools for healthier living. Unlike traditional toolbox talks, these videos feature conversational formats. Crystal Larson, Lines For Life’s Community Training Program Manager, is assisting in designing and facilitating these videos. Together, we hope to offer meaningful discussions on mental health topics and add valuable tools to your toolbelt.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement, and we look forward to further collaboration with the construction community.