Summer Kick-Off and Essential Reads

We wrote up a quick blog to share how we kicked off the summer and we wanted to share two important articles about suicide prevention in the construction and veterans community.

CSPP at the Goodfellow Bros Safety Event

The CSPP staff had the opportunity to attend the Goodfellow Bros Safety event at their Clackamas Jobsite. The safety event consisted of various stations that groups of workers attended to learn more about the equipment and the safety precautions to take with them. Our station was unique because we highlighted mental health as a safety issue. The workers convened at a tented area where Max delivered a speech about the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and the risks associated with suicide in the construction industry. The crews were engaged with Max as he gave a compelling and relatable speech. We were very thankful to be a part of their safety event

Emily Speaking with Crews
Prepping for the Plenary Session

IECO Roaring 20’s Fundraiser

Later that evening, we attended the Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon (IECO) event at the Foundry in Lake Oswego. This event acknowledged and voted in new board members and highlighted two charities that members could donate to. CSPP was privileged to be one of those charities, along with REACH, which helps build and maintain low-income housing. The exposure and connections we made were beneficial for our cause, and we enjoyed being a part of such a fun and important event. We want to thank IECO for their work on this event.

CSPP and Reach Staff
1920’s Ambience

National Articles about Suicide Prevention in Construction and Veteran Community

Lastly, we wanted to share two articles that tell impactful and meaningful stories of those struggling with mental health and suicide. The articles highlight the complexities and difficulties of finding mental health resources in the construction industry and the military.

We hope you find these articles helpful in raising further awareness about suicide and the importance of providing adequate mental health resources. Please note that these articles discuss suicide, and may be difficult to read them. Remember to take care of yourself, and if you need further help, you can always reach out to 988

Construction Workers are Dying by Suicide at an Alarming Rate (NBC NEWS)

A Disaster of the U.S. Military’s Own Making (New York Times)

Thank you for your continued support.