International Perspective

This past week, my partner and I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta. While we were fortunate to have this opportunity, we witnessed many things that were far from the sunset perfection depicted in vacation brochures. We witnessed the harsh realities faced by construction workers. Midday, during the hottest part of the day, we saw them chipping away at concrete walls or hauling bricks, often with minimal safety gear. Young teens were part of crews building extravagant condos that tourists like us were there to enjoy. These multi-story buildings had shockingly lower safety standards than in the United States, scaffolding, tie-ins, and coded stairs were non-existent.    

This experience gave me a new perspective on the challenges and differences faced by construction workers in other countries. What particularly shocked me was a conversation I had with a construction worker at a restaurant. When I told him about my job, he nodded in understanding. It became clear that, despite being in different countries, construction workers face similar issues with mental health. Many workers from Mexico come to the United States seeking better opportunities and resources, yet they often struggle with limited access to mental health resources due to language barriers.    

One of the risk factors for suicide in the construction industry is how diverse the workforce is and how culture, language, and background can be a barrier to someone receiving mental health support.  This trip showed me how important it is to eliminate these barriers. Over the summer, CSPP will host a virtual QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) in Spanish—we will send out invitations once the date is finalized.   

Speaking of QPR don’t forget to sign up for our monthly virtual QPR Friday, May 24th at 8 am!  The training is free for anyone who wishes to join.  We have people from all over the world join us to learn about the warning signs of suicide and how to intervene. Sign up here.   

Headspace For the Workplace  

Max was on Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas’s Podcast, Headspace For The Workplace where he shared information on our Rethink the Drink effort and resources. He shared actionable takeaways for understanding the link between alcohol, suicide, and workplace health, emphasizing the need for workplaces to reassess their attitudes and policies surrounding alcohol consumption.  

Boom Goes The Stigma Season #3!

Also, we are beginning to organize the 3rd season of our podcast series Boom Goes the Stigma. We are excited to explore new topics, discover helpful initiatives and resources, and expand the CSPP community. We are creating our guest wish list and organizing a production schedule.     

If you haven’t listened to our podcast, already check out the first two seasons on our website or any platform you listen to your podcasts.