There is Hope Ahead

CSPP is excited to share the results of our collaboration with Riverbend Materials! This winter, we spent some Friday afternoons exchanging ideas to craft a cement truck banner design that integrates CSPP, the suicide crisis lifeline, and our website with their brand. I have attached the final results; it is so cool to see the message “There is Hope Ahead” boldly displayed on their new cement truck! Our collaboration with Riverbend Materials has been a rewarding, creative, and fun experience. We are grateful and proud to have worked with their team to create this final product. We hope this initiative will increase awareness of CSPP services and resources.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that we have been featured once again in CONEXPO’s mental health series; the latest article focuses on the critical issue of stigma associated with mental health, particularly among men. Given that men constitute a majority of the construction workforce and are four times more likely to die by suicide than women, this underscores the urgent need for action. Check out the article “Encouraging Men to Talk about Mental Health”  and discover some of the recent initiatives across the country encouraging men to talk about and reflect on their mental health.