Self-Analysis Tool Flyer

To destigmatize mental health, we need to discuss the signs and symptoms and connect with appropriate resources that match the severity of symptoms. With a physical illness or injury, your doctor customizes a treatment plan based on your diagnosis, age, lifestyle, and numerous other factors. This approach also works when it comes to our mental health. Navigating and sorting through the multitude of mental health resources is challenging. It is hard to know which ones are right for you.

Discover what’s right for you.

To provide a quick overview for understanding the severity of mental health symptoms, we adapted and branded NIMH’s Mental Health: Do I need help? flyer. The goal is to help the construction community differentiate mild from severe symptoms and use strategies and services for managing both.

A common misconception about mental health is that a person must be in a crisis to receive treatment or seek professional help. The reality is mental health counseling and treatment help prevent a crisis. There are diverse treatment options to help alleviate symptoms and restore hope. As you look down at the poster, you will see strategies to help with every level of severity.

We hope this poster helps your organization begin the conversation and build understanding around mental health.