GUTS Room at PDX-Next

  • The GUTS Room at PDX Airport.
  • Pool Table
  • Foosball!
  • Darts
  • Check out the room
  • Amazing space
  • Discussing The Purpose
  • Luncheon
  • PDX-NEXT in action

Guts Room Opening

On Thursday, January 26, CSPP attended the opening of another Hoffman’s GUTS Room at PDX-Next. The pictures above cannot capture the magnitude of engineering and emotional intelligence demonstrated on this site. You can check out the engineering feats here.

The day began with Dave Garske from Hoffman construction opening the room to project leads and describing the purpose of the space. Dave eloquently explained that the GUTS rooms provide construction professionals a place to be relational, not transactional, and to foster community and joy.

Dwight Holton, Lines For Life CEO, spoke about the importance the GUTS room has on changing the way the construction community views mental health. Creating this room is an effective way to move past harmful and antiquated stigma. 

After touring the room, we had a walking tour overview of the complexity, sustainability, and timeline of the PDX-Next project. As a layman, the engineering and timeline data went over my head; however, I grasped the sustainability of the “farm-to-table” materials used at the site. When the project is complete, it will be an awe-inspiring introduction to visitors and a testament to Portland’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The day ended with a luncheon for everybody on site. With over 800 people eating, mingling, and waiting in line, Natalie Cordova, CSPP’s Outreach and Engagement volunteer, and I passed out our NOT Today 988 stickers to everybody in the queue. Dave Garske, a Port of Portland representative (apologies for forgetting his name), and Judy Cushing, the founder of Lines For Life, spoke briefly. The event concluded with a video showing the purpose and power of the GUTS room!  

Thank you to everybody at Hoffman and PDX-Next for inviting CSPP to this awe-inspiring event!